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Leadership & Management Tips

Reflections on my first CIPD L&D show

Last week I travelled to Olympia in London to attend my first CIPD L&D show. As Content and Lead Research Editor for GoodPractice, an important part of my job is keeping tabs on the latest trends and hottest topics in L&D. This conference was a great opportunity for me to… read more

Optimism bias beats at the heart of UK L&D

We’re almost ready to share the latest edition of our popular UK Learning Trends Index with you. Over the past few weeks we’ve been knee-deep in Excel spreadsheets, conducting some serious number crunching! As we gear up to publish the full report later this month, here’s a sneak peak at… read more

Catriona MacLeod

Catriona MacLeod
Senior Editor


The seven deadliest sins of social networking at work

While social networking can be a powerful means of communicating on an individual and organisational basis, employees don’t always make the connection between their professional and personal online presence. Employers, meanwhile, are often concerned about the potential damage that social media posts might have on their organisation’s reputation, with managers… read more

Informal Learning: Decoding the myths and mysteries: Infographic

Informal learning is the unofficial, impromptu way people learn how to do their jobs. This infographic outlines why we shouldn’t ignore informal learning and describes the models developed by  Jay Cross, Dan Pontefract and  “70:20:10″, which put a framework around this style of learning. A very interesting read.

Educating the leaders of tomorrow

How L&D staff have risen to face the challenges of a new dynamism in Higher Education by Paul Gray, Marketing Manager at GoodPractice On the 23rd and 24th of April 2015, Learning & Development staff from across the UK will arrive in Edinburgh for the Staff Development Forum spring conference. The… read more

Write Right – learn to write like a pro

INSIDE GOODPRACTICE SERIES By Justin Anderson, Content Editor at GoodPractice As a professional writer and editor, the idea that anybody can write about something if they know the subject matter is something of a bugbear. By the same logic, anyone who knows what a dog looks like can draw one!… read more

Advice for a new training manager

Inbox From: James Subject: I’ve got a new job!!!! Hi Peter I just thought I’d let you know I got the new training team leader job, so you should be asked for a reference soon. Thanks again for agreeing to write it for me! I start after Easter. To be… read more

Imagine all the Pictures

INSIDE GOODPRACTICE SERIES by Justin Anderson, Content Editor at GoodPractice  Once upon a time, there was a team of editors who wanted to make their toolkit more visually exciting. It was us, about a year ago. With our new Dynamic version of the toolkit then on the horizon, which has… read more

How we create Infographics

INSIDE GOODPRACTICE SERIES  By Stef Scott, Content and Lead Research Editor at GoodPractice One of the core jobs at GoodPractice is ensuring that our content is engaging, useful and current. Sometimes, this involves updating what we’ve already got to keep things fresh, but occasionally we embark on a project to… read more

Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy
Editorial and Technical Consultant


Mix up your meetings

Meetings, meetings, meetings – a necessary part of business life or a waste of time? According to a survey carried out by Epson and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, ineffective meetings cost the UK economy around £26 billion. [1] The survey revealed that SME workers believe that they… read more

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