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Leadership & Management Tips

How we create Infographics

INSIDE GOODPRACTICE SERIES  By Stef Scott, Content and Lead Research Editor at GoodPractice One of the core jobs at GoodPractice is ensuring that our content is engaging, useful and current. Sometimes, this involves updating what we’ve already got to keep things fresh, but occasionally we embark on a project to… read more

Lee Murphy

Lee Murphy
Editorial and Technical Consultant


Mix up your meetings

Meetings, meetings, meetings – a necessary part of business life or a waste of time? According to a survey carried out by Epson and the Centre for Economics and Business Research, ineffective meetings cost the UK economy around £26 billion. [1] The survey revealed that SME workers believe that they… read more

Catriona MacLeod

Catriona MacLeod
Senior Editor


Working with the enemy

Just as it’s impossible to be liked by everybody, so, inevitably, you will find yourself having to work with someone you just don’t like. Whether it’s a personality clash, their inconsideration for others, or annoying personal habits that drive you mad, it’s important to try to remain professional at all… read more

Top 5 New Year resolutions | Infographic

Your style of management has a big impact on those around you. To help you get 2015 off to a flying start, here are five great suggestions for New Year Resolutions to help you become a better manager and boost productivity and morale in your team. &nbs

GoodPractice seminars at Learning Technologies 2015

If you are attending the Learning Technologies, or Learning and Skills events at Olympia in London on 28/29 January 2015, we hope you will take the opportunity to visit Good Practice at Stand 115. As well as having staff on-hand to discuss how we inspire millions of leaders and managers… read more

GoodPractice’s top ten books of 2014

by Paul Gray, Owen Ferguson and Stef Scott As the year ends, a plethora of lists are published to note the top-selling product, film and sportsperson. Some are more scientific than others in their methodology. Here at GoodPractice, we are unashamed bookworms. As the year draws to an end, here… read more

Participate in the UK Learning Trends Survey now!

Find out what matters most in L&D. Participate in the UK Learning Trends Survey now! The 2015 UK Learning Trends Survey is now open. Make your views count by completing it here. Aimed at senior L&D professionals, this unique survey looks at the key trends affecting the L&D industry. Now in its fifth… read more

New Perspectives On 70:20:10 – Download Your Free PDF

The 70:20:10 framework of workplace learning is undoubtedly one of L&D’s hottest tickets. It has captured the attention of the L&D world in a big way. This latest White Paper from GoodPractice’s Stef Scott and Owen Ferguson addresses some of the key challenges that L&D practitioners face when it comes… read more

Blended Learning Mission Impossible?

The mission was, I thought, straightforward: create a truly blended leadership and management development offering. That was over ten years ago and we are still working with clients and partners to perfect the offering. I’m therefore fascinated by the question, why are so few people getting it right? Or to… read more

Invitation to a free 70:20:10 workshop with Charles Jennings

“The 70:20:10 framework is fast becoming the preferred strategy to improve workplace performance. It is applicable across all sectors and organisations, regardless of size, because of its holistic and agile nature.” Charles Jennings. Peter Casebow and the team at Good Practice look forward to welcoming you to our exclusive 70:20:10… read more

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