How managers learn (in their own words) – White Paper

Informal learning is now widely recognised as playing an important part in the learning and performance landscape. 70% of the most effective learning takes place at work, outside of the ‘classroom’.

We wanted to know where managers looked for learning when faced with a challenge in the workplace, how frequently they did it, and how effective they perceived the different methods to be. Most importantly, we wanted to take a learner-centric approach and ask managers, not HR or learning and development professionals, whose perceptions and needs may be different.

As such, we commissioned ComRes to conduct a survey, and the findings show that managers frequently use informal activities to help them learn, and that on the whole they find them to be very or fairly effective.

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  • Fritz Bangert

    A useful survey, that indicates what managers have asked for from training departments. To be helped by creating environments where naturally occurring learning is supported. It demonstrates that learning is largely a naturally occurring activity in workplaces. Democratisation of learning and creating an learning and performance ecosystem where knowledge workers can readily access the information they require is one of the key challenges for today’s organizations.
    Thank you for sharing the survey.

  • Peter Casebow

    HI Fritz Thanks, you’re right when we are motivate we all learn naturally. Learning needs the learner to be motived. See Owen’s recent blog for more

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